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What are people saying about Math Fact Frenzy?

I have started using Math Fact Frenzy in my second grade classroom and it is a huge success! The parents and kids both love it. Other teachers are asking about it, too. The older grade levels are wanting to do multiplication and division. Thank you for this great tool for the classroom. It is truly a God Send!
Laurie S.
Second Grade Teacher

My son was struggling in math from the start. I worked with flash cards and math books with no success. I honestly feel that the Math Fact Frenzy Quick Start Tutorial saved my son with his math issues. After being shown how to do the Quick Start Tutorial with the same flash cards I had been using, within a two-week period, my son had his multiplication memorized.
Loraine H.
Third Grade Parent

Math Fact Frenzy is an incredibly effective way for students to learn their math facts. My oldest child did not have the benefit of this program and it took her much longer to master her math facts than my youngest daughter. The tools all work together to reinforce and speed learning. My child progressed through the levels very quickly and developed an immense amount of confidence in herself as a result.
Gayle H.
Second Grade Parent


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