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About Math Fact Frenzy Addition and Subtraction

In reading, letters and words are the building blocks that students use to make sense of the written word and unlock the secrets found on the pages of a good book. When a child is missing basic vocabulary, success in reading is sorely compromised.

So it is in mathematics. Numbers and basic facts are the building blocks that help students make sense of a world that is defined and measured in terms of numbers, patterns, and equations. When students are missing the basic facts, efficiency in mathematical situations is slowed significantly, which can pose a frustrating and potentially embarrassing stumbling block to success.

Teachers and parents need a system that provides a well organized focused approach to teaching the basic facts. They need strategies and materials that can be used at home as well as school that will help children master the basic facts. Math Fact Frenzy was created to move students along toward mastery of the basic addition and subtraction facts in a more efficient and deliberate way.

The core elements of Math Fact Frenzy, and the real power behind the program, are the fact families and their related number combinations. For example, 4 and 5 is one of the number combinations that forms a fact family with the number 9. This one combination of numbers is responsible for four basic facts:

4 + 5 = 9    5 + 4 = 9    9 - 5 = 4    9 - 4 = 5

There are five fact family combinations for the number 9:
0 and 9    1 and 8    2 and 7     3 and 6    4 and 5

Twenty different basic facts can be solved by knowing just these five combinations of the number 9. In Math Fact Frenzy, students learn how to apply these number combinations to solve basic facts quickly and efficiently.

To help students internalize these number combinations, Math Fact Frenzy provides a variety of drill and practice options for students with multiple opportunities to interact with the target number combinations. Students are able to take advantage of these drill and practice options at home as well as school.

One powerful component of Math Fact Frenzy is the on-line drill and practice program. This web-based application directly supports each Level and Step of Math Fact Frenzy, providing targeted reinforcement at the click of a mouse. There are no parameters to set, just select a Step or Level and you're on your way. Students receive instant auditory and visual feedback for each answer they enter. Answers can be entered through the on-screen number pad or directly from the keyboard. A record of the student's progress through the Math Fact Frenzy levels is maintained and can be monitored by parents and teachers. Students are able to access this on-line drill and practice program from both their home and school computers.

In addition to the various drill and practice options, Math Fact Frenzy provides detailed instructional activities to help teachers and parents “train” students to take full advantage of the fact family combinations and apply them to the basic facts. When students understand how fact families can help them be more proficient with the basic facts, confidence levels rise and success leads to more success as students work through the Math Fact Frenzy levels.

Math Fact Frenzy has six levels that cover all of the basic addition and subtraction facts. For the purpose of this program, a basic fact is defined as a sum with two single-digit addends or a minuend with a single-digit subtrahend and difference.
Level One:Facts of 0 - 4
Level Two: Facts of 5 - 7
Level Three: Facts of 8 - 10
Level Four: Facts of 11 - 13
Level Five: Facts of 14 - 18
Level Six: Fact Frenzy Final, Facts of 0 - 18

Levels One through Five of Math Fact Frenzy are divided into three Steps, each with its own assessment. Students should master each Step before moving on to the Level Assessment. For example, Level Three has three Steps: the facts of 8, the facts of 9, and the facts of 10. In the first Step of Level Three, students focus on learning the five fact family combinations for the number 8. On assessment day, the students demonstrate their proficiency with these combinations by solving for missing addends as well as differences as in 3 + ___ = 8 and 8 - 5 = ___. After students master the combinations of 8, 9, and 10, they must pass the Level Three Assessment which tests the combinations of all three numbers.

After students have mastered the first five Levels of Math Fact Frenzy, they must demonstrate overall proficiency by passing the Fact Frenzy Final, a 100 problem assessment covering all of the fact family combinations from 0 to 18.

With Math Fact Frenzy you get:
• Training for students to effectively use the fact families to solve multiple facts
• A variety of study options for home and school
• A web-based drill and practice program that directly supports the Steps and Levels of Math Fact Frenzy and is accessible from home and school
• Over 200 study tools, assessments with answer keys, and support materials

Math Fact Frenzy is a comprehensive systematic approach to helping students master the basic addition and subtraction facts and supports students, teachers, and parents with practical and effective, easy to use strategies and materials. Discover what Math Fact Frenzy can do for the children in your home or classroom. Discover the power of Math Fact Frenzy!
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