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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Math Fact Frenzy different from any other math fact website?
Math Fact Frenzy is not just a drill and practice website. It is an instructional system that teaches students the power of fact families and trains them to use the fact families to master the basic facts.

What will I get with a subscription to Math Fact Frenzy?
With both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, you will have access to the online Teaching Guide which includes a detailed comprehensive instructional plan and over 200 printable worksheets, answer keys, and support materials. In addition, you get thirty login accounts for the online drill and practice program. The online drill and practice program directly supports the Steps and Levels of Math Fact Frenzy and is accessible from home as well as school.

Who created Math Fact Frenzy and what are their credentials?
The creator of Math Fact Frenzy is a masters degreed elementary educator with over 36 years of experience. Sixteen of those years were spent as an elementary principal. A career-long passion has been the pursuit of an instructional approach that would help students acquire the basic facts as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Math Fact Frenzy is the culmination of that pursuit.

Why would someone choose to purchase a yearly subscription to Math Fact Frenzy and the on-line drill and practice, when there are so many free drill and practice options on the internet?
That's a good question. The bottom line is ease, convenience, and targeted support. Most online drill and practice sites require a person to set parameters of some kind. These are sometimes difficult to figure out and one has little or no control over the frequency of repeats. The Math Fact Frenzy drill and practice was designed to specifically support the Steps and Levels of the program and it can be accessed with the click of the mouse. In addition, the student is only presented the facts that he/she needs to see.

At what age should students begin learning their math facts and when should students be introduced to Math Fact Frenzy?
That varies with the maturity level of the child and past educational experiences. Certainly, students begin learning the concepts of addition and subtraction as early as pre-kindergarten, and by first grade there should be an emphasis on students becoming proficient with the facts, not necessarily from the standpoint of speed, but students should understand the concepts and be able to solve basic facts by counting fingers and blocks, and to some extent, rote memory. Math Fact Frenzy: Addition and Subtraction, was designed with second graders in mind but could definitely be introduced in first grade at some point. Multiplication and division can be introduced as soon as students have mastered the basic addition and subtraction facts, for many students that is the middle of second grade.

(MD) My child understands the concepts of multiplication and division, but is having trouble memorizing the facts. How can Math Fact Frenzy help?
The Math Fact Frenzy Quick Start Tutorial which is an integral part of Math Fact Frenzy: Multiplication and Division, has proven to be an effective instructional tool that jump starts students and helps them memorize the basic facts with student-friendly fast-paced lessons.

(AS) If first graders already know how to solve basic facts, how can they benefit from Math Fact Frenzy?
Knowing how to figure out basic facts is very different from being able to access them quickly and efficiently from one's memory. Math Fact Frenzy was created to help students become proficient with the basic facts so a lack of proficiency doesn't follow them to third grade and beyond

How long should it take students to master the basic facts if they follow the Math Fact Frenzy program?
There are so many variables involved, that it is impossible to offer a concrete timeline. Variables like teacher proficiency with the instructional process, parental help at home, drill and practice time at school, and the individual student's motivation, all have an impact on how long it takes a student to master all the basic facts. Second grade students who master the addition and subtraction facts by the end of December, spend the remainder of the year working on the multiplication and division facts.

(MD) Why does Math Fact Frenzy: Multiplication and Division begin with the facts of 2 and not the facts of 0?
By starting with the facts of 2, MFF is bypassing just 3 fact family combinations: 0,0,0 / 0,1,0 / and 1,1,1. These 3 fact family combinations form only 5 of the most basic multiplication and division facts, and in the opinion of MFF, do not warrant significant instructional time.

What constitutes mastery of the basic facts?
Students must make 100% on all 42 problem assessments in 2 1/2 minutes. The Fact Frenzy Final is a 100 problem assessment covering all the fact family combinations and students must make 100% in 5 minutes to earn "Mastery".

What is the Math Fact Frenzy Teaching Guide?
Without a clear and effective strategy with which to engage the basic facts, drill and practice can become a futile effort. The instructional guide focuses on fact families and trains students to use them to solve the basic facts. With this training, drill and practice makes sense and the various drill and practice options make "studying" more enjoyable, as well as effective.

Who can benefit from the Math Fact Frenzy Teaching Guide?
Teachers, parents, and home-school classrooms can all benefit from the deliberate systematic instructional process outlined in the guide and the various study tools available for home and school. With the Math Fact Frenzy components, school and home can be on the same page with regard to drill and practice and weekly assessments.

How much is a yearly subscription to Math Fact Frenzy?
The Annual Package is $20 and includes the Teaching Guide with all of the assessments and support materials, and the on-line drill and practice for up to thirty students for both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

What payment options are available with Math Fact Frenzy?
Math Fact Frenzy uses PayPal, which accepts PayPal payments as well as all major credit cards. A PayPal account is NOT required. All payment transactions are processed safely and securely through the PayPal website.

Will my subscription automatically be renewed after a year or will I need to personally renew it each year?
You will be notified when your subscription is scheduled to expire and you will need to renew it at that time.

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